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Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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71. BUTTERFLY. ( Active.)
Each of the 2 participants takes a big butter-fly-net and a balloon. The object of each player is to catch the rival's balloon with the net as soon as possible, trying not "to loose" his/her own balloon.

72. HUNTERS. ( Active.)
The players' object is to fire a gun or to shoot a bow. But they should fire at those animals only, the voices of which they hear on the tape. Among these animals may be a fox, a cock, a duck, a cow, a frog etc.

73. PUT ON A CAP. ( Active.)
The object of the player is to put on a paper cap attached to long stick onto the rival's head. Usually 2 players take part in this game. They try to put on the caps on each other's heads as fast as possible.

74. MARATHON. ( Active.)
With the help of a usual syringe the player must lead the ping-pong ball to the end of the distance as fast as possible.

75. TWO OXEN. ( Active.)
Put "the harness" (a long string) on 2 players. Each of them tries to drag the rival off his/her direction. At the same time each player tries to reach the prize, which lies at a 50cm distance from each player.

76. RALLY. ( Active.)
Sitting on the skateboard the player must reach the place where there is a prize. You may change this game: Standing on the skateboard and using the skiing sticks to reach the finish as fast as possible.

77. DIVER. ( Active.)
With the flippers on their feet the players must pass a certain route, looking through the binocular turned upside down.

78. WITCH. ( Active.)
The player steps with one of his feet into the empty pail. Another foot is on the ground. Holding the handle of the pail in hands and a swab in another, the player must cover the fixed distance and then pass a pail and a swab to the following player.

79. GOLDEN KEY. ( Active.)
The players act as swindlers from the tale "Pinoccio". In each pair of the players there should be Alice fox and Bazilio cat. Alice fox bends one knee and holds it with the hand. Bazilio cat is blindfolded. Alice fox and Bazilio cat cover the distance embracing one another. The pair which hobbles the finish the first gets "the golden key"- the prize.

80. WITCH-2. ( Active.)
Each player takes a twig. Then the players choose "a witch". "The witch" must be the deftest player. At first "the witch" draws the line of border of her camp. All the rest players are out of the camp, they mustn't walk there. Then the witch goes out and cries: "The witch goes out for a walk!" and begins to chase the players with the twigs. The player who is struck by the witch's twig, becomes her "son" and they quickly run the camp. All the rest players chase them striking them with the twigs. Then "the witch" goes out for the second time. Now she holds her "son" by his twig and they chase the players together. But it is only "the witch", who may strike the players with the twig. Her "son" may only detain the player. But the player becomes the witch's captive only when she strikes him/her with the twig. New captives become witch's "children". They hold each other by the twigs, so they make a chain. As the new player is caught the chain breaks and they together run to the witch's camp, being chased by the other players. The witch's "children" must also save themselves (to run to the camp) if the chain is broken by one of the players or if "the witch" forgets to say her words: "The witch goes out for a walk!" The player who strikes the witch's children not in time becomes witch's "son". The game finishes when all the players become witch`s children or when she catches more than 4-5 players.

Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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