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Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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61. CATCH THE FISH. ( Active.)
Put in a large cardboard box empty cans, old boots and cardboard fish. On each can, boot or fish there is a special little wire hoops. The fishing-rod is a long stick with the wire hook at the end. The hook is attached to the rod with the help of the thick string. The players catch the fish not seeing it (because it lies on the bottom of the box. The smaller is the hook on the fish, the bigger is the number of points written on it. The players catch the fish in turn. Each of them has only one minute to cope with it. The first player who has the necessary number of points is the winner. The players who catch a can or a boot loose half of their points.

62. CINDERELLA. ( Active.)
Mix some peas, beans, lens, dried ashberries (not more than 3-4 kinds at a time). "Cinderella's" object is to sort this mix being blindfolded. The player who manages to sort this mix in the shortest period of time becomes the winner. Sometimes the players make mistakes - they put the corns to the wrong heaps. In these cases the players must be fined. The leader puts the wrong corns to the mix again.

63. WIND UP THE CORD. ( Active.)
Make a knot in the middle of the long cord. Attach a pencil to each end of the cord. Two players wind up the cord on their pencils. The fastest player becomes the winner. Instead of cord you may take thick string.

64. CUP AND BALL. ( Active.)
It's an old French game with a cup and a ball. The object of the player is to catch the ball with the cup. Take a 40cm long lace and attach one end of it to the ping-pong ball with scotch. Another end of the lace is attached to the bottom of the plastic cup or tied to the handle of the cup. Several players participate in this game. They must toss the ball up and then catch it with the cup. The player gets a point each time he/she catches the ball. The ball is caught in turn. If one of the players doesn't manage to catch the ball, he/she passes it to the player next to. The player who has the greatest number of points is the winner.

65. THE FASTEST. ( Active.)
The players are divided into 2 teams. Each team is given a sack with a shirt, a cap, a pair of boots and trousers. At the command the first player of each team runs to the sack, puts on all enumerated pieces of clothes, says "I'm the fastest", takes off the clothes, puts them back into the sack and runs to his team. The next player of each team does the same. The team which finishes the game the first is the winner.

66. CROOKED PATH. ( Active.)
Draw a crooked line on the floor with the chalk. It's "a path". The object of the players is to walk along this "path" looking at it through the binocular turned upside down. The player who walks this "path" the fastest is the winner.

67. CAP ON A CAP. ( Active.)
Make a large paper cap and several smaller ones. The smaller caps must be of different colors. The small caps hang each on the string. In turn the players put on the large cap and then being blindfolded and turned around for several times they must squat and stand up so that to hit a smaller cap with the large one.

68. DECORATE A FIRTREE. ( Active.)
Take several new year tree decorations with the wire hoops. Take a fishing-rod with hook. With the help of the fishing-rod the player put all the decorations on the firtree and then takes them off. The player who copes with it in a prescribed time (e.g. 2 minutes) wins the game. For a firtree you may also use a dry branch with plenty of twigs.

69. THERMOMETER. ( Active.)
Without using the hands the teams pass a fake thermometer to one another. The thermometer must always be under the left arm. The fastest team wins the game.

70. JOURNEY. ( Active.)
Draw several crossing "paths" with the color chalks on the floor. Each player chooses his/her own path and walks along it as fast as possible. The player who finishes "the journey" the first is the winner.

Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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