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Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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41. HOP-DOP. ( Quiet.)
All the players (any number of them) are divided into 2 teams and then sit at the table facing each other. One group is given a little coin. The leader of this team must give the coin to one of his partners. He must do it imperceptibly. At the command "Hop" of the opposite team the coin must be shown over the table. At the command "Dop" - it is again hid under the table, where the players continue to pass it from hand to hand. At the command "Hands on the table!" the players put their hands on the table with the palms down. The leader of the opposite team must guess who has the coin between his/her fingers. If he/she guesses, the coin is passed to the opposite team and the game begins anew.

42. WHO IS IT? ( Quiet.)
Everyone takes a sheet of paper and at the top of it draws the head either of a men, an animal or a bird. Then the sheet must be folded so as the drawn head can't be seen, except a little part of the neck. Then this drawing is passed to the player next to. Now every player has a new sheet with the picture he/she hasn't seen yet. He/she continues drawing. Now everyone draws the body then folds the paper and again passes it to the player next to. At last must be drawn the low extremeties. And now unfold the picture and let you be surprised at seeing a creature you've got!

43. CHAIN. ( Quiet.)
In a fixed time the player must make a chain of the paper clips. The player whose chain is the longest wins the game.

44. BURGLAR. ( Quiet.)
The players are given a bunch of different keys and a padlock. The object is to fit the key and to unlock the padlock as fast as possible.

45. HEN. ( Quiet.)
The object of the game is to write a word as legible as possible with the felt-tip-pen tied to the foot.

46. SPOILED TELEPHONE-2. ( Quiet.)
This game is well-known to many people. The players must transmit a complicated phrase to the last player in the row. Usually when the phrase comes to the last player it is distorted. There is a similar game. But instead of the phrase, the players transmit a drawing. The first player draws an arbitrary object on the sheet of paper. The second looks at it for 10 seconds, then draws the similar object on his sheet of paper, shows it to the third etc. Then the players compare the first drawing with the last.

47. PANTOMIME. ( Quiet.)
Get ready as many different articles as there are the players. Take any articles you like - a piece of soap, a pen, a sponge, a candy, a balloon etc. Do not show all these articles to the players. Write the name of each article on the sheet of paper. Fold up all the sheets of paper so that the players cannot see what is written on them. Each player draws out a sheet of paper. With the help of pantomime the players must show what is written on their sheets of paper. All the rest players try to guess what kind of article is represented to them. The player who guesses what kind of article it is gets this article as a prize.

With the thick mittens on the hands try to guess what object do you hold.

49. DRAW A COW. ( Quiet.)
The players must draw a cow being blindfolded. At first they draw the eyes, then drop the hand and make a pause, then draw the snout, drop the hand, make a pause and draw the horns etc.

50. ARTISTS - VIRTUOSOS. ( Quiet.)
Tie a felt-tip-pen to a ski stick. The task is to draw something or to write a text. (Do not put the stick on the shoulder!) The player who fulfils the task the fastest and the most accurate gets the prize.

Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15   16  17  18  19  20  21  22


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