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Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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31. FIND THE PLACE. ( Active.)
The chairs are put in a line with their seats facing opposite sides. The leader of the game takes a long stick and walks round all the players, who are sitting on the chairs. Then he strikes the floor with the stick near one of the players. This player stands up and follows the leader. So the leader walks round the chairs, strikes with the stick near the players and very soon he is followed by the whole suite of the players. The leader makes different movements and all the rest repeat them. Suddenly the leader strikes with the stick twice. This is a signal for the players to take their places as soon as possible. (It is not easy at all now, as the chairs stand with their seats facing different sides.) The leader tries to take one of the places himself. The player who doesn't manage to take a seat becomes the leader.

32. DISCOVERER. ( Active.)
At first the players are asked to "discover" a new planet, i.e. to blow up the balloon as soon as possible, and then "to inhabit" this planet with the inhabitants, i.e. to draw on balloon with the felt-tip-pen as many little men as possible. The player who has the greatest number of men on the balloon - is the winner.

33. HEAD, HAND AND FEET. ( Active.)
This game is a kind of little race. You must pass the distance of 10-20 meters long with the book on your head, having a glass full of water in your left hand and a broom in the right. At the same time you must roll a ball with your feet. The fastest is the winner.

34. LONG ARM. ( Active.)
There are 3 empty 0,33 L cans on the floor. 3 players stand by them. Then the leader asks them to take as long step as possible. After that the players are asked to take their cans on the spot, without touching the floor with the hands and knees.

35. POOR PIGGY. ( Active.)
Tie up the corners of the pillow with the string. Draw a snout and eyes on it. Tie a ribbon round the "neck". Get into a circle and start the piggy going around from player to player. As the music plays the piggy is passed around the circle. As the music stops, the player who was the last in passing the piggy says "oink-oink" and gets a prize from a bowl, standing in the center of the circle.

36. BUILDER. ( Active.)
In 1 minute time you are to build the highest possible tower, using 0,33 L cans. After the leader's signal the construction is stopped. If the tower goes to ruin and you have some more time, just begin from the very beginning. The number of points got by the players depends on the number of cans in the tower.

37. NEWTON'S LAW. ( Active.)
Under the ceiling there hang some apples on the strings. The players are given the scissors. The players divide into pairs. The first player in each pair cuts off the apple, the second player tries to catch it into the hat ( the hats are given to them beforehand). The difficulty is that it is prohibited to take the hat off the floor. The pair which manages to gather the greatest number of apples wins the game.

38. JUMPERS. ( Active.)
The players must make as many jumps with the skipping-rope as possible having the flippers on their feet.

39. BAD PAINTERS. ( Quiet.)
The players must draw any picture with the brush, having the boxing-gloves on their hands.

40. HOW MANY CANDIES? ( Quiet.)
Under the ceiling there hangs a little transparent sac with candies. (Each candy is wrapped.) On the wall there is a poster, proposing the players to guess the number of candies in the sac. They write the proposed number of candies on the sheets of paper and put them into a little box, standing not far off the poster. (Sheets of paper and pencils are on the table near the poster.) At the end of the party the so-called "account committee", made of the participants of the party, calculates the number of candies in the sac and then "unseal" the box with the answers. The player who guessed the number or gave the similar answer gets a prize - the sac with candies.

Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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