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Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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21. SCORE A GOAL. ( Active.)
Give 2 balloons to each player - a round and a long one. Using the long balloon as a bat the players must drive the round balloon into the box, which is put on one side. The player whose balloon is driven into the box the first is the winner. It's easier to judge about the winner if the balloons of the players are of different colors.

Ask 3-6 persons to participate in this game. Each of them is given 2 paper (plastic) glasses filled with water. In front of each player on the floor there are 5 cardboard circles which are situated at the equal distance from each other. The players' task is to get to the finish line jumping from one circle to another. The player who has water in his/her glasses at the end of the game is the winner. To be more accurate and to make the game funnier you may measure the water in the glasses by the measuring glass.

23. WHAT'S BEHIND THE BACK? ( Active.)
Two players take part in this game. They are rivals. Pin well-defined pictures and paper circles with the numbers (c.f. 96, 105 etc.) on the backs of the players. The players are in the circle. (The circle may be drawn with the chalk on the floor.) They stand on one foot. Their task is to catch sight of the picture and number on the rival's back, jumping on one foot. The player who is the first in "deciphering" the rival is the winner.

Give a pair of flippers and a glass of water to each team. The first player stands at the start-line, gets on the flippers, takes the glass of water and lifts it above the head. So he/she is "under the water". At the signal the players begin to move forwards. On having covered the fixed distance the first "submariner" passes the flippers and the glass to the next player. If the water spilled from the glass after the first run, add some more water.

25. BLUE AND RED BALL. ( Active.)
The teams which consist of the youths and girls get into the circle. The teams are at some distance from each other. The youths and the girls take their turns in the circle. The leader is in the center of the circle. He/she has 2 balls in the hands (a blue one and a red one). He/she throws the balls to the players and gets them back. The girls may catch only the red ball, the youths only the blue one. The leader tries to confuse the players: he/she may throw 2 balls at once or pretend that he/she is going to throw the ball in one direction, while he/she is going to throw it in the opposite one. The player who makes a mistake pays a forfeit (fulfils the task) and is out of the game. The team in which more players remain wins.

26. HOLD THE HANDS. ( Active.)
Draw 2 lines at the both ends of the playground. The distance between the lines is 15-20m. The teams with equal number of players stand at the first line at both ends of the playground. On the second line in front of each team there stands a little flag. At the signal the first player of each team runs round the flag, returns to his/her team, takes the next player by the hand and they run round the flag together. Then they run to their team, take the third player, then the fourth etc., until they have all the players of their team in the chain. The players mustn't break their chain. The team which finishes the run the first wins.

At the distance of 10m from the start line there stands a stool. The first players of the teams are blindfolded. At the signal they must run (go) round the stool and come back to the team. The second players in the teams are already blindfolded and they get ready to continue the game. While the player is running the team must support him/her crying c.f. "backwards", "forwards", "a bit to the right", "a bit to the left" etc. All the teams cry at the same time. So the player must sort out the exclamations addressed to him/her. When the last player comes back to the start line "day comes" for the team. The team to which "day comes" earlier wins the game.

28. PUTTING A SHOT. ( Active.)
Put a ping-pong ball on the edge of the table. The player is blindfolded. He/she stands with his/her back to the table. At the command he/she makes 5 steps forwards, turns around 3 times, comes back to the table and blows the ball off the table. Very often after the turning around the players lose their orientation. Then it's very funny to watch the player who tries to blow the ball off the place the ball has never been.

29. FEED A FRIEND. ( Active.)
The players stand with their backs to each other. They hold fishing-rods in their hands. To the strings of the fishing-rods there attached the unwrapped bars of chocolate. The players' task is to eat the bar from the other player's fishing-rod as soon as possible.

30. WHO IS THE DEFTEST ? ( Active.)
Put the figures (toys) on the floor. As the music plays everyone walks around the circle, following the leader. When the music stops everyone must grasp the figure. A person who hasn't a figure is out. The number of figures should lessen every time. The winner is the person who stays till the end of the play.

Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15   16  17  18  19  20  21  22


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