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Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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191. GALLOWS. ( Quiet.)
Two players take part in this game. One of the players is "a hangman". He/she thinks of a word, which consists of 7 letters and writes down the first and the last letters of the word. Instead of the middle letters there are hyphens. Then "the hangman" draws the gallows, where he/she will "hang" the player, if he/she cannot guess the word. The player begins to guess the word, naming the letters. If he/she guesses the letter "the hangman" inserts it into the word. It the player doesn't guess the letter "the hangman" draws the head in the loop of the gallows. After each wrong letter "the hangman" continues to draw the figure in the loop. He/she draws the body, the legs, the arms. If the player guesses the word before he/she is hanged he/she becomes "the hangman" in the following round.

192. WHO IS A MONKEY? ( Quiet.)
The players choose the leader. He/she goes out. While the leader is absent the players choose the monkey. When the leader returns, "the monkey" begins to make movements - to shake the head, to stamp with the foot etc. The players repeat all the movements. They must do it so as the leader cannot understand who is the monkey. If the leader guesses who "the monkey" is, "the monkey" becomes the leader in the next round.

193. PORTRAIT. ( Quiet.)
From behind the curtain each player shows to the leader his/her leg, arm, nose, eyes, mouth. The task of the leader is to recognize the player. If the leader recognizes the player after the first attempt he/she gets 5 points, after the second attempt the leader gets 4 points, after the third-3 etc.

194. CINEMA. ( Quiet.)
The players think of the title of the film which consists of as many words as there are the players (prepositions included). e.g. "Tender is the night". The leader asks the first player the abstract question. e.g. How did you spend your last weekend? The player gives a full detailed answer in which there is the word "tender". The leader tries to guess what word in the answer sound unnatural. In such a way with the help of logical deduction the leader tries to guess the title of the film. The more complicated is the disguise of the word the more interesting is the game.

195. ARTISTS. ( Quiet.)
The first player draws any detail of the future picture on the sheet of paper so that the other players can't guess what is drawn. Then this sheet of paper is given to the next player. He/she continues to draw. Each player has a felt-tip-pen of his/her own color. The sheet of paper is returned to the first player. He/she says what he/she intended to draw.

196. MERRY TRAIN. ( Quiet.)
This game is enjoyed by grown-ups as well as by children. Get ready the cards with the tasks beforehand. At the party suggest your guests to travel by "the merry train". All the guests who sit at the table are passing the envelope with the cards around the table. While passing the envelope they all together recite any poem about the train. As the rhyme finishes, the guest who has the envelope in his/her hands must take a card with the task out of the envelope.
Samples of tasks for children:
1. Sing a song.
2. Say to the player next to you on the right: "What wonderful ears you've got!"
3. You are a kangaroo. With the small box between the knees jump around the table.
4. Draw a horse, being blindfolded.
5. Say any tongue twister 3 times.
6. Sit on a stool. Grab a small box which stands at one of the hind legs of the stool with the teeth. (Do not touch the floor with the hands and feet!)
7. You are a butterfly. Show how you fly!
8. You are a bird. Show how you brood, how you fly for the feeding, how you feed the nestlings.
9. You are a rooster. Show how you dig the ground, find the corn and call the hens.
10. You are a train. Show how you get in and depart.
11. Put three candies into the mouth. Eat them!
12. Receive a prize!
Samples of tasks for grown-ups:
1. Tell a funny thing.
2. Perform a dance of little swans ("Swan Lake")
3. Sing a song.
4. Kiss the guest next to you on the right.
5. Perform a lezginka dance sitting on the chair.
6. Pay a compliment to a hostess.
7. Persuade the guest next to you on the right to drink a glass of wine.
8. Organize a choir out of all the guests. Sing a couplet of any song in a choir.
9. Make an appointment for any of the guests.
10. Give a smile to all the guests.
11. Eat lemon slices smiling!
12. Drink a wine-glass of tea with pickled cucumber and say how tasty it is.
13. Propose a toast to all the present guests.

197. CAKE-CONCERT. ( Quiet.)
Serve a cake cut into pieces. In each piece there is a little flag with the number. As the guests have taken the pieces, the host (ess) announces that the numbers on the flags mean the following tasks:
- to sing a song;
- to recite a poem;
- to ask a riddle;
- to perform a dance;
- to perform a pantomime.
The guest mustn't eat his/her piece of cake until he/she fulfils the task.

198. GUESS! ( Quiet.)
One of the players is out of the room. All the rest think of the subject for him/her to guess. For example, they think of a red rose, which is among other subjects in the room. The guesser returns to the room and begins to ask questions trying to guess the subject by its characteristics. Other players answer his/her questions briefly: "yes" or "no". The guesser must formulate the questions precise so as it would be possible to answer "yes" or "no". The guesser may, for example, ask the following questions:
- It this subject animate?
- Is it a piece of furniture?
- Does it smell? etc.
The guesser who guesses the subject with the help of the least number of questions wins the game.

199. PARTY'S SURPRISE. ( Quiet.)
Put a large, beautifully painted box on a raised place or hang it under the ceiling. Near the box on the wall hang a poster proposing the players to guess what is there in the box. The players write their variants of answers on the sheets of paper and put them into a little box, which is situated not far from the poster (sheets of paper and pencils are on the table near the poster). The players mustn't touch, weigh or look inside the box. This game usually lasts for 30-40 minutes. Then all the answers are given to the jury. The jury chooses the winner. The answers may be different because the players are not given any descriptions of the object in the box. In this game the answers are based on the mere guesswork. Sometimes no one of the players gives the right answer. In this case the jury tries to find the most similar answer. If there are several right answers the jury distributes the contents of the box among the players whose answers are right.

200. WHAT IS THE PAGE? ( Quiet.)
This game is similar to the previous one. But instead of the box you may use a thick book, tied round with a cord. Somewhere in the middle of the book the players can see a bookmark. They must answer at what page there is the bookmark. The player whose answer is the most exact is the winner.

Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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