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Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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11. PAPER-BAGS. ( Active.)
Make 2-4 paper-bags. Tie 2-4 2 meter long threads to the stake or to the chair's back at the head-level of the players. The players put the paper bags on the threads with the their wide parts facing them. The players are at the distance of 1-2 steps from each other. The threads are tight. The paper-bags are equalized. At the leader's command the players begin to blow into their paper-bags. The player whose paper-bag moves forward faster becomes the winner.

For this game you'll need 2 large cardboard funnels. The opening in the narrow part of each funnel must not be larger than a coin, the opening in the wide part must be large enough to put it on the player's face. Beside the funnels you'll need 2 little wooden bricks and 4 chairs. To begin the game put 2 chairs in a line at a distance of 3-4 meters from each other. Opposite each chair (at the distance of 10-12 meters) put one more chair. Two players compete in this game. To begin with they sit on their chairs with the funnels in their hands. The bricks are at their feet on the floor. As the leader commands: "Begin!" - the players put the funnels on their faces (so as to see the floor only thorough the little opening) and begin to drive their bricks to "the goal" (the interval between the legs of the opposite chair). The player who copes with the task the first becomes the winner. But it's rather difficult to cope with this task, because the players can see only the little space of the floor in the little opening of the funnel, while after each kick the brick drops out of the field of vision. Advice for the leader: watch that the players don't take off their funnels (otherwise the game makes no sense), watch that the players kick the brick and don't drag it.

13. SPOON. ( Active.)
Put a stool upside down. At each leg of the stool stands a player. The players are blindfolded. Each of them holds a spoon in his/her hand. At the leader's command the players make 3 steps forward, turn around and try to place the spoon on the leg of the stool as soon as possible. Two players who place their spoons the first win the game.

14. CENTIPEDES-2. ( Active.)
Divide the players into 2 teams of 10-20 members each. The teams form up in the file. Each team is given a rope. The players take the rope with their left or right hands from the both sides evenly. Then each player takes him/herself by the right or left ankle. At the leader's command the centipedes jump 10-12 m forward, holding the rope with their hands. Then they turn around and jump backward. The players may also run with the both feet, but in this case the players must stand in the line closer to each other. The team which manages to jump or to run to finish line the first becomes the winner (while running the players mustn't let the rope off).

Each team delegates 2 players to take part in this competition. Two players of each team stand hand in hand. Their adjacent ankles are tied together. At the leader's command they run to the agreed place and return back. The fastest pair wins this competition.

16. SPIDER. ( Active.)
Draw 2 circles on the start line. Divide the players into 2 teams (15-20 players in each one). Stand each team in a circle. Rope the players of each team together. So, each team is "a spider". At the leader's command "the spiders" begin to move to the finish-line. On the finish line there are 2 more circles. The spiders must get to them as fast as possible.

The players sit down on "the astronauts armchairs" (on the chairs) one at a time. Their task is to gather 10 objects disposed around the chair (at the distance of 1,5m from it) at the leaders command. While gathering the objects the players may stand up and move away from their chairs, but they must not "let their chairs off". The player who fulfils the task the first is the winner.

Put a rattle on a round elastic lace. The players have the round elastic laces on their knees. The rattle must be between the knees. The players` task is to cover the distance as soon as possible trying not to make noise.

19. RUNNERS. ( Active.)
Get ready 2 very large shorts made of thick cloth. Each pair of shorts is for the team which consists of 2 players. One of the players in each pair puts one leg through one of the shorts-legs, the other puts his/her leg through the other shorts-leg. Having one pair of shorts for two the players must cover the prescribed distance. The team which manages to cover the distance the first wins.

Fill a toy lorry with any vegetables, fruit or nuts. Tie a string to the lorry. Attach a stick to the end of the string. The object is to wind the string on the stick as fast as possible, trying not to spill the contents of the lorry. The jury determines "the fastest" driver with the help of the stop-watch. The gentleman who manages to deliver the load safe and sound in the shortest period of time is the most practical gentleman.

Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15   16  17  18  19  20  21  22


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