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Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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171. MERRY-GO-ROUND. ( Active.)
Drive a stake into the ground. At the top of the stake there is a revolving ring. Tie 4 long strings to the ring. 4 players take these strings by the ends and stretch them out. It's "a merry-go-round". Between the stretched strings there stand some other players. The players who have the strings in their hands run clockwise. The players who stand between the strings stand counter-clockwise (while running they jump over the stretched strings). The players who touch the strings while running are out of the game. Then the players switch the roles.

172. STATUES. ( Active.)
The players are throwing the ball to each other. The player who lets the ball fall must continue the game standing on one foot. If he/she succeeds in catching the ball in this position he/she is allowed to stand on both of the feet again. Otherwise the players must continue the game in "the kneeling position". After the third mistake the player must kneel. If the player manages to catch the ball in this position all "the fines" are repealed and the player rises to his/her full height.

173. LITTLE CROWS. ( Active.)
Put 3-5 bottles with the wide necks on the table. Put "the heads" of little crows (made of paper) on the necks of the bottles. Use little buttons of different color "to feed" the little crows. Each player uses the buttons of definite color. "The little crows" which are closer to the players bring 3 points to the players. The farther falls "the little crow" the more points gets the player.

174. AIRBORNE LANDING. ( Active.)
Make parachutes out of paper or light cloth. Attach a little weight to the shroud lines. The object is to throw the parachute upwards. The parachute will open and then land at the table. On the table there is a toy-target with the circles and numbers. The number of the points the player gets is indicated on the circle where the parachute lands.

Put 3 saucepans one into another (the less into a larger one). Move them to one of the sides. The object is to hit the saucepans with the ping-pong balls or little rubber balls from the distance of 2-3 meters. The ball must fix in the saucepan. Only in this case the player gets his/her points. The number of the points is indicated on the saucepans.

176. JUGGLERS. ( Active.)
Give the balloons to the players. The players must juggle with the help of the nose. They mustn't help themselves with the ears or hands. The player who manages to keep the balloon flying for the longest time may be called the juggler.

177. ROPEWALKERS. ( Active.)
Each player is given a rope of 1,5-2m long. The object is to walk on the rope up to its end. While walking the players must hold the end of the rope in the hands. The players mustn't leave the rope and let it off. The player who manages to fulfil the task the first (not letting the rope off and not leaving it while walking) gets the prize.

178. CHAINS. ( Active.)
In this game there are 2 teams with the equal number of players. The teams form up the lines at the both ends of the playground. The players hold each other by the hands tight. The players of the first team cry all together: "Chains, chains hammered, chains, chains fettered! Unfetter us!" The players of the second team ask: "By whom of us?" The first team answers, e.g., "by Kate". Kate runs to the first team and tries "to break" the joined hands of any of 2 players. If she succeeds in it she has the right to take one of the players (whose joined hands were "broken" by her) to her own team. If Kate fails in "breaking" the joined hands, she becomes the member of the first team. The new members of the team usually stand in the first "to unfetter" them. The game goes on until there is only one man in one of "the chains".

179. SNAKE. ( Active.)
The players hold each other by the hands. They follow the leader. The leader runs in winding way. While running the leader runs under the high raised arms of the players ("makes knots"). The player who is in "the knot" must quickly turn around so as to renew the chain ("snake"). The leader runs under the arms of all pairs in turn (makes several "knots"). Sometimes the last player in the chain stands still and the leader funs round him/her until "the snake" coils up. Then "the snake" unwinds and coils up again.

The leader names different objects. If the named object is eatable the players are to clap the hands in front of them. If the named object is uneatable the players are to clap the hands behind their backs. The leader names the following objects:
The player who makes a mistake is out of the game.

Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15   16  17  18  19  20  21  22


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