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Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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161. A BULGARIAN. ( Active.)
This game is played on the table covered with the table-cloth. The table is divided into 4 equal parts. Each player has an equal number of pins with the many-colored heads. The players stick the pins on their parts as they like. One of the pins is stuck into the crossing of the lines which divide the table into 4 parts. This pin is a Bulgarian. If you have no pins with the many-colored heads you should cut the tiny flags out of paper and place them on the pins. Each player has 2 little balls. The players throw them in turn. The object is to hit the rival's pins trying not to overturn the Bulgarian. The game is over when the Bulgarian is overturned. The player who has the greatest number of pins at that moment is the winner. According to a prearranged rule the player who "looses" a pin puts a coin or two into the money-box. The player who overturns the Bulgarian must pay the double sum of that is in the money-box. The player who has all the pins hit is out of the game.

162. KNOCKER. ( Active.)
This game is played at a flat wall. The first player throws his/her little ball against the wall (20cm above the floor). The ball bounces off the wall and rolls back to the player. The second player does the same, trying to throw his/her ball so that it hits the ball of the previous player (while bouncing off the wall). All the rest players do the same. The player who hits with his/her ball one of the balls which lie on the floor takes all of them. Every time the players throw the new ball. The game lasts not for a long time, because it becomes easy to hit one of the balls when there are over 20 of them on the floor. Instead of little balls you may use big buttons.

163. TRAP. ( Active.)
Dig out a 9 cm deep hole near the wall. This is a trap. The players throw the little balls or big buttons into it. The player holds 2, 4 or 6 balls or buttons in the hand and asks: "Who wants to pawn 2, 4 or 6 balls?" One who wishes to do it gives to this player 2,4, or 6 balls. The player takes them with one hand and throws them together with his/her own ones into the trap. If all the balls (buttons) hit the trap or if there is an even number of them in the trap, the player wins all these balls. If there is an odd number of balls in the trap the player looses all his/her balls. In fact only 2 people take part in the game itself. But the rounds are very short. So there may be over 12 people by the trap at once.

164. BUTTON BATTLE. ( Active.)
There are 2 players in this game. Each of them takes 12 big buttons - "soldiers" and 1 button - "an officer". Usually the players choose the most beautiful buttons for "the officers". Besides, each player takes a metal button - a bat. The players form up the lines of their buttons opposite each other at the distance of 2 or more meters. The distance between the buttons in the lines must be about the size of the bat. "The officers" are put at some distance behind the lines. The players put the bat in turn, trying to knock out "the soldiers" of the line. The button which considerably advances the line is considered to be knocked out. The defter players usually consider the overturned buttons to be knocked out. The knocked out "soldiers" are "the captives" of the player who knocked out them. The player who manages to knock out the rival's "officer" takes half of the rival's "soldiers". The game is over when one of the players has more soldiers by four than his/her rival.

165. CAT AND MOUSE. ( Active.)
All the players (not more than 5 pairs) form up 2 lines facing each other. The players in the lines hold each other by the hands. In one line there are "the cats" in the other there are "the mice". Between the lines there is "a hole". The first pair begins the game: "the cat" is running for "the mouse". "The mouse" is running around the lines. In the dangerous moment "the mouse" may hide in "the hole". As soon as "the mouse" is caught by "the cat", the next pair continues the game. The former "cat" and "mouse" stand in their lines again. The game goes on until all "the mice" are caught by "the cats". The rules of the game: "the cat" must not run into "the hole", "the cat" and "the mouse" mustn't run far from the lines.

The players get into a circle in pairs. They choose 2 leaders. One of them is given the kerchief. At the signal the leader with the kerchief runs away the other leader. The leaders run outside the circle. The leader may give the kerchief to any of the players in the circle and stand at his/her place. The rules of the game: The leader may run only with the kerchief in his/her hand. When the leader with the kerchief is caught the other leader is given the kerchief. He/she is traced by one of the players from the circle. The game starts at the signal.

167. THE MOON OR THE SUN. ( Active.)
2 players are chosen as leaders. They agree in private who is the Moon and who is the Sun. All the rest players come to them one at a time. Each of them says what he chooses - the Moon or the Sun (the players say about it quietly so as nobody can hear it). The leader quietly says to the player whose team he/she is to join. In such a way the players are divided into 2 teams. The teams form up in file. The players hold the player in front of by the waist. The teams try to pull each other over the line drawn between them. Usually it's full of fun. The rules of the game: If the captain of one of the teams (the Moon or the Sun) oversteps the line, His/her team looses the game.

168. WEIGHTLESS BALL. ( Active.)
2 pairs are rivals. Instead of the goals use a hoop. The task is to pass the balloon into the rival's hoop by the flicks. If the balloon falls on the ground the rivals has the right to flick it the first.

169. SKITTLE-ALLEY. ( Active.)
The skittles are the plastic bottles (1,5 L). Passing the ball the players hit the skittles. On the skittles there written different numbers. The player who manages to get the greatest number of points is the winner.

170. PORTER-2. ( Active.)
The task is to carry the tray with 10 ping-pong balls around the room (hall) in 5 seconds.

Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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