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Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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Put the skittles on the floor in 2 rows (5-6 skittles in each row). The width of the corridor is 50-60cm. The distance between the skittles is 70-80 cm. The players' task is to go through the corridor. But before going through the corridor the player must turn around for 7-8 times. The player must turn around quickly with the right hand up, looking at the forefinger, or with the hands on the back of the head, or with the hands on the ankles.

152. "THE BLINDS" GO MARCHING. ( Active.)
The stake is driven into the earth. All the players but one are blindfolded. They stand in a circle around the stake. The distance between the stake and "the blinds" is measured by the steps. Usually this distance is equal to 30-50 steps. "The blinds" are facing the stake. "The sighted" player begins to count and all "the blinds" go marching to his/her counting in the direction of the stake. When "the sighted" has counted up to the number of steps between the stake and "the blinds", all the players stop and move away their fillets. The players are usually surprised at seeing themselves having gone to the wrong direction. "The blind" who manages to come to the stake becomes "the sighted", and the former "sighted" becomes "the blind".

153. THOROUGH TIDING-UP. ( Active.)
It's a relay race game. Give to each team a rag, a basin with water, a bucket. Put the basin at the start line and the bucket at the finish. The team which manages to bring the greatest amount of water to the bucket, wins the game.

154. FOUNTAIN. ( Active.)
For this game you need a bucket of water, a glass, some skittles. Put a bucket at the distance of 6m and some skittles at the distance of 3m from the start line. The glass is "a fountain". The number 1 player runs to the bucket, ladles some water from it with the glass and tries to knock down the skittles with the jet of water from the glass.

155. DIVING. ( Active.)
2 teams take part in this game. For each team there must be a basin with water. The players jump into the basin so as to splash as much water as possible. The players jump into the basin in turn. The team which has the least water in the basin - wins.

156. HOCKEY IN THE ROOM. ( Active.)
The mops - are "hockey sticks". The wet rug is "a puck". The buckets which lie on one side are "the goals".

157. TO WASTE MONEY. ( Active.)
Each participant of this game is given a banknote. The players' task is to move the money forwards by blowing on them. The players have 3 attempts. After each attempt the players come to the banknote and blow on it again.

158. TABLE HOCKEY. ( Active.)
The instructor asks the players to pass "the puck" (a draught or a button) with "the stick" (a pen or a pencil) to the finish (2 glasses) along the table.

159. FACING THE EARTH. ( Active.)
Suggest your guests to roll a ping pong ball or a walnut to the finish line through the labyrinth of bottles. They must roll the ball or the walnut with the nose, standing on all fours.

160. MOUNTAIN. ( Active.)
It's a mountain or a pyramid of caps. Any number of players may take part in this game. In early times the whole villages took part in this game. On a flat ground the players make "a foot" of the mountain. It consists of 3 caps. Then all the players put their caps on the mountain one by one. They put their caps until the mountain crashes down. The player who had put the cap the last before the mountain crashed down becomes "the owner of the mountain". The next stage of the game - the distribution of the caps. "The owner of the mountain" takes cap by cap and order their owners to fulfil different tasks. If there are too many caps in "the mountain", "the owner of the mountain" may give one and the same task to several caps at once.

Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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