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Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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131. KITE AND BROOD-HEN. ( Active.)
The players form up in file. They take each other by the waist. The first in the line is "a brood-hen", all the rest are "chickens". One of the players is "a kite". He/she tries to catch the last "chicken" in the line. "The brood-hen" tries to prevent him/her from doing it. "The brood-hen" bars the kite's way by the stretched arms. All "the chickens" try to help "the brood-hen", by moving the end of the line away from "the kite". When "the kite" catches "the chicken" the players will choose the new "kite" and "brood-hen". If "the kite" doesn't succeed in catching "the chicken" for a long time, he/she is replaced by the other player.

132. PEACOCK'S TRAIN. ( Active.)
This game is enjoyed by grown-ups as well as by children. Put some skittles on the floor of the hall. Attach "a peacock's train" (made of many-colored ribbons) to the waist of the player. The task is to walk between and round the skittles and not to overturn them.

Make up 3 teams (5-6 players in each: mother, father and children). Their task is to illustrate the leader's story. The leader: "On the New Year's eve Father Frost brings some presents in the house. To father he gives a comb. Let all the players imitate (with the, right hand) how he combs. To son he gives ski. Show, please, how he skies! But don't stop combing! (Then all the new movements are added to the previous ones). To mother he gives a mincing-machine. The players must imitate the minicing-machine rotation with their left hand. To daughter he gives a chinese doll, which nods the head. "The players who manage to make all the movements simultaneously win the game.

The players get into a circle. They stand close to each other. The leader is in the center of the circle. The players pass the ball behind their backs so that the leader can't see it. The leader must guess who has the ball in his/her hands. The leader points at the player who (to his/her mind) has a ball in his/her hands. This player must hold out his/her hands forward at once/ If he/she really has a ball in his/her hands, he/she becomes the leader. If there is a greater number of players you may pass 2 balls at the same time and have 2-3 leaders.

135. FOUR ELEMENTS. ( Active.)
The players get into a circle. The leader is in the center. He/she throws the ball to one of the players. On throwing the ball, he/she says either "Earth", "Water", "Air" or "Fire". The player must catch the ball, throw it back to the leader and name
any animal, if the leader said "Earth"
any bird, if the leader said "Air"
any fish, if the leader said "Water"
If the leader said "Fire" the player must raise the hands over the head and turn around. The player who makes mistakes pays forfeit (fulfils the leader's task) and becomes the leader.

136. SLEIGHT OF HAND. ( Active.)
On the coat-hangers there hang the clothes with the buttons and button- holes. The players' task is to undo the buttons as fast as possible with the help of small sticks or toy "arms-backscratchers". Each player is given the personal coat hanger with the clothes and 2 sticks or 2 "arms-backscratchers".

137. TOILS OF TROUBLES. ( Active.)
"The toils" are netted out of many-colored ribbons and attached to the gymnastic or ski stick. The players' task is to untangle "the toils" with the help of toy "arms-backscratchers", a pointer or a sword. The players must do it as fast as possible.

138. THE MOST PRACTICAL. ( Active.)
The player who manages to take and hold in his/her hands the greatest number of different household utensils - saucepans, pans, mincing machines etc. - is the most practical.

139. THE BEST SHOT. ( Active.)
The bottle stands on the floor. The players' task is to hit the opening of the bottle with the pencil being blindfolded. The players hold the pencils with the hands. To hit the bottle the players must stretch the arms. Each player may make 3 attempts. The player who has the greatest number of successful attempts is the winner.

140. PEAS. ( Active.)
The peas - are ping-pong balls of different colours. 2 players take part in this game. Their task is to gather as many peas as possible. The peas (about 15 pieces) are thrown about the room (hall). There are 2 chairs with the little buckets on them. The players gather the balls with the help of the little scoop and put them into the buckets or baskets.

Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15   16  17  18  19  20  21  22


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