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Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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101. BLOW INTO A SMALL BOX. ( Active.)
Take an empty small box. Pull out a half of the inside part, put it to the mouth and blow into it. The small box may fly away rather far. So you may arrange a competition of "blow shooters". More over with the flying box you may: 1) hit a small circle 2) hit a paper target 3) hit a basket, which stands on the floor.

This competition is very easy: the participants receive the balloons and begin to blow them up. The player whose balloon bursts is out of the game. The player who blows up the biggest balloon is the winner.

103. PUT A SHOT! ( Active.)
Pour 1/3 of glass of water into each balloon. Then blow up the balloons to an equal size. Draw 1.5 diameter circles on the floor with the chalk. The balloon is "a shot". The player must "put a shot" as far as possible. The player who puts "a shot" the fartherst is the winner.

104. WHO IS FASTER? ( Active.)
The players are divided into 2 teams. They sit on the chairs (though they may compete upright). The leader gives them two empty small boxes without their inside parts. The task is to pass a box round the team with the help of the…nose. If the box falls down, the player must put it on the nose again and continue to pass it.

The players of 2 teams form up in file. For each team they draw a 5-6 m line with the circle at its end. At the leader's command the players (one at a time) run along the line to the centre of the circle. As they are in the center of the circle, they raise the right hand and begin to go round looking upwards. On having made 5 full turns on the spot the players run back along the line, trying not to deviate from it. The team which finishes the competition the first wins.

106. LABYRINTH. ( Active.)
On the playground of 7x12 m put different obstacles (stools, skittles, maces, etc) as on chess board. In the yard you may use trees for obstacles. Draw a line between the obstacles. (If is "a labyrinth") The player steps on a line and tries to remember the rout. After that he/she is blindfolded. He/she must walk along the drawn way and go out the labyrinth without stumbling on the obstacles. The players go through the labyrinth in turn.

Put 12-15 plaster casts of mushrooms on the floor. Three players are blindfolded. They must gather in their baskets as many mushrooms as possible in 3 minutes. The player who manages to gather the greatest number of mushrooms wins the game.

108. ACCURATE TURN. ( Active.)
Put a chair or a stool on the playground. The player who wants to participate in this game sits down on a chair. Then he/she is blindfolded. After that he/she stands up, makes 5 steps forward, turns to the right, makes 5 more steps forward and again turns to the right. On having walked the perimeter of the playground in this way, the player stops and sits down on the chair again. The player who manages to do it wins the game.

Hang some prizes by string from the ceiling. Wrap up the prizes with the many-colored paper so that the players cannot guess what kind of prizes these are. The player who wants to get a prize is blindfolded and given scissors. The player comes to the string and cuts off one of the prizes.

110. BLACK AND WHITE. ( Active.)
The players are divided into 2 teams: "black" and "white". The teams stand in lines facing each other. The leader throws a cardboard disk (one side of which is black, the other is white). Depending on the side of the disk which faces up (white or black) the players of one team try to catch the players of the other. The team which has the greatest number of captives wins. The players may begin catching their rivals only at the leader's command "White!" or "Black!"

Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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