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Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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91. MUDDLE. ( Active.)
There are 2 teams in this game. The players of the first team stand with their backs to the other team. Meanwhile the players of the second team take each other by the hands and get into a circle. They begin "to tangle"(to step over each other's hands so as to make a tangled ball). While "tangling" the players mustn't let each other's hands go. The players of the first team must "untangle" this ball.

92. PASS THE BALLOON. ( Active.)
Players are in a circle. They pass the balloon to each other behind their backs, trying not to hold it for a long time in their hands. Then after the signal the player who has a balloon in his hands is out of the game.

The players get into a circle and fulfil the commands of the leader. But they must fulfil only those commands which begin with the word "Children". For example: "Children, squat!" "Children, link your arms!" "Stand apart!" The player, who fulfils the last command is out.

The leaders is blindfolded and placed in the middle of the room. All the players choose their places at any piece of furniture (at the chair, table, sofa etc). Then "the blind man" turns around for several times and starts his search. All the rest players try not to be caught by him. But at the same time they mustn't leave their places. They are only allowed to squat, to bow, to climb on to their pieces of furniture etc. Anyway they must touch their places at least with the fingers or toes. Those who come off their places are out. The task of "the blind man" is not only to touch the player, but also to recognize him/her. If "the blind man" mistakes in identifying the person, all the rest clap their hands and the game goes on.

95. WHO HAS THE RING? ( Active.)
Take a little ring, pass string or fishing line through it so as to make a large circle with the ring on it. The players sit around the circle holding it in their hands. The leader is out of the circle. On hearing the signal the players pass the ring along the string round the circle. If the leader notices the ring in someone's hands, the player who has it becomes the leader.

96. MUSIC CHAIR. ( Active.)
It's probably the most popular game. Put several chairs in a circle with their backs inside. The number of the chairs must be less by one than the number of the players. As the music plays the players walk round the chairs. As the music stops, the players try to take their places on the chairs. The player who hasn't taken the place is out. After that take away one chair (as the number of players became less by one). The player who remains the last in the game is the winner. Sometimes you may change this game a little bit. As the music stops, the player, who hasn't taken the place, sits down on the lap of any player. Then one more chair is taken away. The game goes on until all the players sit on the lap of each other.

Pour some wheat, peas, oats, beans etc. into the basin. All the ladies sit around the basin. They are blindfolded. Their task is to pick out as many peas as possible in one minute. The lady who manages to pick out the greatest number of peas is the most practical one.

There are 2 teams (6 players each) in this game. The leader is "a grandmother". She sits at a table. On the table there is a tea-pot, two cups, two dishes with cookies. At the leaders command the grandchildren one at a time come to "the grandmother", greet her politely, ask her how does she feel, pour out a cup of tea take a cookie and thank "the grandmother". "The grandmother" chooses the kindest, the politest and the fastest "grandson/daughter" and gives him/her the prize.

99. RACE. ( Active.)
The players run over the blocks of wood in zigzag line riding a broom. The blocks of wood are at the distance of 2-3 m from each other. The player who runs the distance the first and doesn't topple over the blocks of wood is the winner.

100. PRIZE IN A LOOP. ( Active.)
On the table there are 2 prizes (e.g. an apple and a candy) over them there stands a stool. From the stool hang down two loops. The player must put his/her hand in them to take the prize. One of the players holds the ends of the laces with the loops in his/her hands. The second player tries to grab the prizes. The player who is caught by his hand looses one point as well as his opponent who doesn't succeed in tightening the loop. If the first player tightens the loop before the other touches the prize he also looses a point.

Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15   16  17  18  19  20  21  22


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