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Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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1. FIREMEN. ( Active.)
Turn the sleeves of 2 jackets inside out. Hang these jackets on the backs of 2 chairs. The chairs are with their backs to each other at a distance of 1 meter. Put a 2m. rope under these 2 chairs. Both of the participants stand at their chairs. On hearing the signal, they take their jackets off the chairs, turn the sleeves out, put them on and do up all the buttons. Then each "fireman" runs round the chair of the rival, takes his seat and pulls the rope. The first player to cope with the task is the winner.

2. ZOMBIE. ( Active.)
Two pairs participate in this game. Each pair stands hand in hand with their adjoining hands tied together. With their free hands (one with the right hand and other with the left one) they must wrap up the package, bind the rope round it and tie it a bow. The pair which finishes the task the first is the winner.

Two players compete in this game. For each player there is a chair with a bowl of water and a spoon on it. A few steps away there are two more chairs with an empty glass on each of them. The object of the player is to fill the empty glass with water as soon as possible. The player who is the first to do it is the winner.

4. ON THE MARSH. ( Active.)
Each player is given 2 sheets of paper. The player must cross "the marsh" stepping only on "hummocks" - the sheets of paper. At first the player steps on one of the sheets with his/her feet. Another sheet he/she places in front of him/her. Then he/she must step on this sheet and put the previous one in front of. The player who crosses the room the first is the winner.

5. QUICK HEAD. ( Active.)
Each player is given a paper cap with the needle at its top. The object is to burst as many balloons as possible with the help of the needle on the cap.

6. PASS A HAT. ( Active.)
The players are in 2 circles: inner one and outer one. One player in each circle has a hat on his/her head. The object is to pass the hat round the circle. But the players mustn't use their hands while passing the hat from head to head. The team which passes the hat round the circle the first wins the game.

For each player (there must be not more then 4 of them) there is a heap of many small and some big objects. The task is to carry all of them in one hand to the distance of 5-7 meters being blindfolded. The players mustn't hold the objects with the other hand or drop them on the floor. The player who covers the distance the first becomes the winner.

8. CENTIPEDES. ( Active.)
In a spacious room you can arrange centipedes race. The players form up in 2 lines in file with their hands on the waists of the players in front of them. Near the opposite wall there stands a chair or a flag. On hearing the signal of the leader the teams run round the chair or the flag and return back. While running one cannot take his/her hands off the waist of the person in front of. If the chain is broken the team looses the game. The team also looses the game if it overturns and doesn't lift the chair or the flag. The game may be funnier if you ask the teams to run round the chair or the flag squatting.

9. LAND, WATER. ( Active.)
This is a game for attentive players. On hearing the word "land" the players jump forward, on hearing the word "water" backward. Then the word "land" is suddenly changed into "bank". The actions of the players must be the same as after the word "land". The word "water" may be changed into "sea", "lake", "river", etc. The player who often mistakes is out.

A balloon is put on the floor. At the distance of 5-6 steps from it there stands the person who wants to make a penalty kick. At first he is blindfolded and then asked to come to the balloon and kick it. Sometimes you may make this game more complicated by turning the player around for several times before he kicks the balloon. It`s a real fun when the player having accurately made those 5-6 steps kicks the air, because he went in the wrong direction.

Party Games Collection #1 ( 220 children's party games )
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