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Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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81. MYRSHIM. ( Joking.)
10-12 players are invited to take part in this game. Then they are explained the rules: One of the players moves away and turns his/her back to all the rest players. In this time one of players is given a candy. But the player mustn't eat it, he/she just puts it in the mouth. Then all the players including the player with the candy, begin to pronounce one and the same word "myrshim" (in Kazakh it means "to chew"). The task of the 1st player (the player who stands with his back to all the rest players) is to guess who of the players has a candy in his/her mouth. If the player guesses he receives the prize and chooses the leader, if he doesn't guess all the players say to him "oh-oh-oh!" So the game begins. The leader moves away, turns his back to all the rest players and the instructor gives a wrapped up candy to one of the players. When the player unwraps the candy and puts it into the mouth the game begins: all the players begin to say "myrshim, myrshim, myrshim" and the instructor calls out the leader.

82. THE GREAT MOGUL. ( Joking.)
According to the lot, one of the players stands on a chair or a stool and takes on a majestic air. He/she is the Great Mogul. All the rest players come to him/her one at a time, bow to him/her, kneel before him/her, look in his/her face and say: "The Great Mogul! Bow down before you without tears and laughter!" The players must pronounce this phrase solemnly and seriously. At the same time the Great Mogul tries to make the players who come to him laugh: he/she pulls faces, wriggles etc. The player who laughs while speaking to the Great Mogul becomes the Great Mogul in the next round.

83. MATCH AS A SPEAR. ( Joking.)
Draw a line on the floor. The player must throw a usual match as a spear not overstepping the line. Choose the winner judging by 3 throws.

84. THREE PHRASES. ( Joking.)
The leader declares that no one of the present people can repeat three short phrases after him/her. Of course, the present people don't agree with him/her. Then the leader pronounces the phrase c.f. "Today the weather is good." All the players confidently repeat it. After that the leader as though in confusion trying to find a phrase, pronounces the second phrase. It's again repeated by the players. Then the leader quickly and confidently pronounces: "Here you're wrong!" The players are in confusion. And the leader explains that the third phrase the players had to repeat was "Here you're wrong!"

The leader says: "Put a chair on its fore legs on the floor. The back and the hind legs are parallel to the ground. Put a slice of bread on the top of the back, kneel in the cross-beam between the hind legs, take the back with your hands and try to bend your head to the slice of bread and grab it with the mouth. For this you need much skill. While bending the head you must move your body back, otherwise your body's center of gravity will be before the seat of the chair, the chair will tip over and the slice of bread will fall down.

86. WAVE YOUR HANDS. ( Joking.)
The leader suggests the players to put their right hands to their heads and to extend the left hands with the thumbs up, saying "Well!" Then the players clap their hands and do the same with the opposite hands.

The leader suggests the players to do the following: to put the hands on the knees, to clap the hands, to touch the nose with the right hand and the ear with the left one. Then to clap once again and to change the hands.

88. BY WORD OF MOUTH. ( Joking.)
Sitting at the holiday table the both sides of the guests (they are divided into 2 teams) have an opportunity to transmit the congratulation or a piece of good news to the person whose birthday it is by word of mouth. To begin with hang a congratulation card, a photo or a letter on the stick or a pencil. The task of the guests is to pass this "piece of news" with the help of lips (without touching it with the hands). The team which transmits the piece of news "by word of mouth" the first wins.

89. JUMP OVER A NEEDLE. ( Joking.)
Suggest the players jumping over the needle (instead of a needle you may take a pencil). The needle lies on the floor. The only term is to touch the toes with the fingers while jumping.

90. MODELLER. ( Joking.)
The players who wish to take part in the competition "The best style" are invited to come behind the scenes or into the other room. With the help of different attributes of fashion (clothes, accessories, ties, hats, ribbons etc.) they must construct something original, bright and stylish. It's so called "freak style". Each modeller chooses "a model" among the spectators. "The models" represent the works of "the modellers". With the help of applause the spectators choose "the best modeller". "The best modeller" is given a costly present (perfume, perfumed water etc.)

Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12


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