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Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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51. RUNNING WITH THE BALL. ( For adults only.)
Each pair holds a big ball between their foreheads. Their task is to run the distance as fast as possible and not to drop the ball. (One of the players in each pair runs with his back to front). The pairs may hold a ball between their shoulders, ears or backs.

52.ACQUAINTANCE. ( Icebreakers. )
All those who wish to learn the names of the new friends get into the circle. The players hold each other by the hands. The host (ess) names him/herself the first. Then all the players pronounce the names of the players who named themselves before and at the end say their own names. The last player names all the players in the circle one after another. As a rule the players learn the names of all the players during the game.

53. GATHER IN THE HARVEST. ( Icebreakers.)
On the sheet of paper there printed the following text: "You're given a sheet of paper with the 15 notes, with the names of cereals, vegetables, fruit printed on them. Exchange your 14 notes (tear them off the sheet) for the notes of other players, so as to have a complete set of notes with the following names: wheat, rye, oats, barley, millet, flax, corn, potato, cabbage, beetroot, carrot, pumpkin, cherries, apples, pears. The player who has the complete set of notes the first is given the prize. "On each sheet of paper there printed the same 15 names. One of the players is given, for example, the notes with the name of "flax", the other with the name of "corn" etc. The players are given many complete sets (the number of them must be a number divisible by 15): 15.30 and more (it depends on the number of players).

54. WITHOUT A PAIR. ( Icebreakers.)
The players make 2 circles: the inner one and the outer one. In the inner circle the number of the players is more by one than in the outer circle. As the music plays all the players walk to the right. As the music stops the players must make pairs. The player who hasn't pair fulfils any task. Then the game continues.

55. WHO IS HE (SHE)? ( Icebreakers.)
As the guests enter the hall, they are given the envelopes. The youths are given blue envelopes, the girls white ones. In all the envelopes there are halves of the cards and leaflets with the following text: "In the envelope there is a half of the card. The missing part of it has someone who is present here. Try to find him/her. The first 3 pairs get prizes. Good luck!" it's better to use cards with the pictures of flowers in this game. Cut the cards in zigzag line. Then put the halves - one into the white envelope and another into the blue one. You may manage without the envelopes. In this case put a poster with the rules of the game on the wall.

56. MAKING ACQUAINTANCE. ( Icebreakers.)
The instructor says: "Dear guests! We set out. Take your seats. We start up an engine - everybody claps the hands. Come along! We are stamping our feet, we are gradually gathering speed - 50km/h, faster - 60km/h, faster - 80km/h, 100km/h, 120km/h. Turn to the left - shake hands with the person next to you on the left. Go along! Our speed is 150km/h. Now we turn to the right - shake hands with the person next to you on the right. We continue going. Now we are breaking. We are rubbing against the nose of a person next to.
We are breaking breaking
At last we arrived.
How did you like our trip?"

57. ABSTRACTION. ( Icebreakers.)
The leader thinks of one of the present persons. All the rest players ask him/her the questions in turn: e.g.
1.What is the color?
2.What kind of character?
3.What kind of music instrument? etc.
The questions must be abstract. You must take into account that different people describe one and the same person in different ways. You may invent questions for ever and ever. The more interesting and various are the questions the more interesting is the game.

58. THE TRUTH. ( Icebreakers.)
The number of the players is more than 2. All the players put their both hands with the palms down on the table (the left hand goes first, the right one the second). The players make a pyramid of their hands in the center of the table. The player whose hand is on the top of the pyramid (the player who puts his right hand on the pyramid the last) names any number, e.g. 5. The players begin to count from the hand on the top of the pyramid: the player whose hand is on the top moves away his/her hand-1, then the next player-2 etc. till 5. The player whose hand is number 5 must answer the leader's question. The players must give true answers to the questions. If the answer is not true the leader doesn't accept it. This game is suitable for making acquaintance. If the answer is accepted the game begins a new. Everybody tries to put the hands in the middle of the pyramid so as not to be a leader.

59. WHO ARE YOU? ( Questionnaire. )
Get ready some sheets of paper, pens or pencils for your guests beforehand. While your guests are still at a table suggest their playing a very interesting and funny game. Each player writes down the list of 10 domestic animals in a column on his/her sheet of paper. Then the leader asks the first question and the players must read the answers which they wrote on their sheets of paper under the figure 1. The players read their answers in turn. Then the leader asks the 2nd question and the players must read the word which is written under the figure 2 etc.
The leader's questions may be as follows:
1. Who are you at home?
2. Who are you in private?
3. Who are you in public?
4. Who are you without clothes?
5. Who are you after dinner?
6. What do other people think of you?
7. Who are you at nights?
8. What do you think about yourself?
9. Who are you with your friends?
10. Who are you in fact?

60. QUESTION - ANSWER. ( Questionnaire. )
Get ready 60 cards (10cm long 4 cm high). On 30 of them write the questions on 30 others write the answers. Hold the cards with the questions like a fan in one hand and the cards with the answers in the other. Ask the first guest whom would he/she like to answer his/her question. The guest answers that he/she wants to ask, c.f., Anna, draws out a card with the question and reads it aloud. Anna draws out the card with the answer and also reads it aloud. Then Anna says whom would she like to ask the question. She draws the card out and reads out the question. The person who is asked, draws out the card with the answer and reads it out. The game goes on until all the questions are asked and answered.
1. Would you like to be a millionaire?
2. Would you like to find yourself in a harem?
3. Do you often visit restaurants?
4. Do you go to work with pleasure?
5. Can you give birth to an athlete?
6. Do you wear a wig?
7. Have you any shortcomings?
8. Do you like music?
9. Are you always so polite as today?
10. Are you able to love?
11. Are you fond of the bottle?
12. Do you like to dance?
13. Would you like to sit next to me?
14. Do you love children?
15. Can you be faithful?
16. Do you often have appointments?
17. Do you love me?
18. Do you behave decently while drunk?
19. Are you jealous?
20. Do you always eat so much?
21. Do you believe in miracles?
22. Are you sorry that you are married?
23. Would you like to get drink today?
24. Do think of free love?
25. Are you modest?
26. Would you like to have many new friends?
27. Do you often tell lies?
28. Can you flatter?
29. Can I rely upon you?
30. Do you often smoke?
31. Can you be tender?
1. No, once I tried, but nothing turned out.
2. This is my hobby.
3. Being on the verge of despair only.
4. We are not angels. Things happen.
5. Who is sinless?
6. Yes, rather!
7. I do it with the greatest pleasure.
8. Only in a weak moment.
9. I'm not capable of such a stupid thing.
10. This is my dream.
11. No, I'm well bred.
12. I'll answer you in private.
13. I'd better keep silence.
14. Only in the bathroom.
15. Every other day.
16. By no means!
17. While being sober only.
18. If it's cold outdoors.
19. Systematically.
20. In a pay-day.
21. It's quite necessary on Saturday.
22. To while away the time.
23. Only while having a rest in the health resort.
24. If you have much money.
25. People don't speak about it aloud.
26. In a lunch hour.
27. When it's advantageous.
28. I dream about it after dinner.
29. It would do no harm.
30. Towards evening.
31. While having a poetic mood.

Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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