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Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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41. DRINK WITH HORS - D'OEUVRE. ( For adults only.)
The player must drink a tumbler of any alcohol beverage with any hors - d'oeuvre without using the hands.

42. PRESS-BACKS. ( For adults only.)
The male-participants of this competition put on the black fillets on the eyes. The task is to make as many press-backs as possible. As the players have tested the strength the leader suggests to put big stripes of paper on the floor, because it is not clean. ( The participants don't move the fillets away yet). On these big stripes of paper there drawn the naked women life-size. So the participants continue to do their press backs over "the naked women". Then the leader asks the participants to move the fillets away. The participants continue to do their press - backs over "the naked women" without the fillets. The supporters count the number of the press-backs, encourage the participants.

43. KISS. ( For adults only.)
The youths are given the cards with the figures. The girls are given the cards with the letters. All the players get into a circle. They choose the leader. The leader is not given a card. He is in the center of the circle. The leader names the figure and the letter. The girl whose letter was named must kiss the leader. But it's not easy! Because the youth whose figure was named tries to prevent the girl from kissing the leader. He tries to kiss the girl himself. If the youth manages to prevent the girl from kissing the leader, he gives the card to the leader and becomes the leader himself.

44. STREAMLET. ( For adults only.)
Put a long stripe of paper on the floor for "a streamlet". Ask ladies to walk along "the streamlet" with their legs apart: one leg is on the right side, another is on the left side of "the streamlet". After that ask the ladies to repeat it being blindfolded. All the ladies are in the neighboring room at the beginning. They are asked to go along "the streamlet" one by one. Having gone along "the streamlet" blindfolded, the lady takes a kerchief from her eyes and sees a gentleman lying on "the streamlet" with his face upwards. (The gentleman lies down on the paper "streamlet" after the lady's going along "the streamlet", but before she takes off the kerchief). The lady is confused. Then the following lady is asked to go along "the streamlet", then the third and the fourth… The game goes on in the presence of the Ladies who have already passed "the streamlet". They laugh at a joke. Everybody is having a good time.

45. ON A DESERT ISLAND. ( For adults only.)
Usually two or more couples play this game. Each couple is given a large sheet of paper and explained the rules. The leader asks them to imagine that there is water around and that they can save themselves only on the little island (standing on the paper). At first the couples stand on the sheet, then it is folded in two, then again in two and so on. The couple who is the first to "stumble" into the water (to touch the floor) looses the game.

46. APPLE OF DISCORD. ( For adults only.)
Each pair holds an apple between their foreheads. The leader gives the commands: "Three steps to the left!", "Three steps to the right!", "Squat!", "Jump!" etc. The pairs fulfill them. If the apple drops, the pair is out.

47. LET A BALLOON BURST. ( For adults only.)
Each gentleman sits with the balloon between his knees. The ladies have to sit themselves on the knees of their partners so that the balloon is burst.

48. RACE. ( For adults only.)
3-4 players take part in this game. The players put the hobby-horses between their legs and take the mugs of beer or any other beverage. The players are blindfolded. At the command the players race to the circles drawn on the floor. As they reach the circles they put their mugs in them. If they succeed in doing it they drink the content of the mugs themselves, otherwise they give the mugs to the spectators.

49. TO ROLL UP - TO UNWIND. ( For adults only.)
As the instructor pronounces "to roll up" he/she stretches the hands wide as though he/she wants to embrace the whole world. He/she asks everyone to do the same. As the instructor pronounces "to unwind" he/she embraces the player next to him/her. Everyone does the same. The tempo is raising gradually. This games is a good warming-up at discos or parties.

50. TIPPLER. ( For adults only.)
The object of the game is to fill the glasses with the help of the teaspoon. The player who manages to do it the fastest has an opportunity to propose a toast and drink the contents of the glass.

Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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