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Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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31. SNIPER. ( For adults only.)
Fasten the belt on the waist of each player. Tie the string with the apple at its end to it. In front of each player there is a plank with the nails. The object is to pin the apple on the nail.

32. BREAD-WINNERS. ( For adults only.)
Scatter some peas on the stool. Put a bowl near it. The players' task is to sit on the stool so as to move the peas into the bowl (don't use the hands!) The player who manages to do it is the winner. The instructor counts the number of the peas in the bowl of each player.

33. SUMO STRUGGLE. ( For adults only.)
The players divide into pairs. They hold the balloons between their stomachs. The task of each pair is to burst the balloon between the stomachs.

34. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS. ( For adults only.)
Tie strings to the belts of the players. At the end of each string there is a small box or a piece of wet cotton wool. In front of each player there is a candle. The task is to put out the candle with the help of the small box or a piece of cotton wool as fast as possible without using the hands.

35. TRIO. ( For adults only.)
It's a relay race game. It's common knowledge that all the tipplers are divided into 3 groups: those who drink little, those who can go only leaning against the walls and those who cannot go at all when drunk (they are usually carried away by the drinking companions). In each team there are 3 participants - the participant who "drinks little", the participant who "leans against the wall when going", the participant who "is carried away by his drinking companions". Those who "drink little" must devastate the bottles (drink the remains), those "who lean against the walls" must make a diagonal wall out of these bottles (the bottles must be at some distance from each other), those who are carried away" must gather all the bottles into the shopping bag. The players must do it as fast as possible.

36. HIT A PURSE. ( For adults only.)
There are several pairs in this game. To the ladies waists tie big sham purses. To the gentlemen's waists tie big sham banknotes. The object is to put the banknote into the purse. (While doing it the players mustn't touch purses, banknotes and strings with the help of which the purses are tied to the waists).

37. WILD BEACH. ( For adults only.)
The players are divided into pairs. The instructor invites all the players to visit "the wild beach". At "the wild beach" the instructor announces the dancing party. Ladies and gentlemen in the pairs are given the gramophone records (ladies-3, gentlemen-1) to cover their "nudity". The pairs begin to dance. They mustn't drop the records. That's why they have to lean against each other very tight.

38. LOVE STATUE. ( For adults only.)
The instructor asks some couples to participate in this game (preferably married ones). The couples are asked to leave the room. Then the instructor asks one couple to return and "to create" "The love statue". After that the instructor asks one of the gentlemen (of those who are among the couples behind the door ) to come into the room. His task is to change something in this "statue". The gentlemen changes the poses of the couple. Then the instructor suggests him to take the place of the gentleman in "statue". Then the lady (one of those behind the door ) is asked to come in. She is also asked to change something in the statue and to take the place of the girl in "the statue". This game goes on until all the couples took part in it.

39. FOOTBALL. ( For adults only.)
2 men take part in this game. They put on the belts and tie thick strings to them from behind. To the end of the string there tied an apple. It must be 30-35 cm. above the floor-level. Each player is given a ball (or a balloon). At the distance of 10-12metres from the start-line there are "the goals" (made of chairs). Swinging the apple between the legs the players move the balls (balloons) towards "the goals". The player who copes with the task the first wins.

40. ROULETTE. ( For adults only.)
6 players participate in this game: 3 gentlemen and 3 ladies. Each player is given his/her own number. The first player throws a dice. The number on the dice ( from 1 to 6 ) stands for the part of the head the player must kiss: 1 - lips, 2 - nose, 3 - forehead, 4 - cheek, 5 - ear, 6 - crown. Then the player throws a dice for the second time. The number on the dice stands for person whom he/she must kiss ( the number on the dice corresponds the number of the player ). As the first player has fulfilled the tasks, the second player throws a dice etc.

Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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