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Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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21. DRESS A LADY. ( For adults only.)
Each lady holds a ball of ribbon in her right hand. The gentlemen take a tip of the ribbon with the teeth and wind it round their ladies (not using their hands). The gentlemen who is the first in "dressing" the lady or whose "dress" is the best is the winner.

22. COMPETITION FOR LADY'S. ( For adults only.)
Being blindfolded the ladies must recognize their boy-friend's (husband's) hand to the touch.

23. FINAL. ( For adults only.)
Divide up into 2 teams: one team consists of gentlemen, another consists of ladies. At the signal the players of each team begin to take off their clothes ( any items they like ). The players put their clothes in one line. Each team has a line of its own. The team which has the longest line is the winner.

24. "TOUCHING" COMPETITION. ( For adults only.)
The gentlemen are blindfolded. The task is to identify the lady by touching her knees.

25. APPLE. ( For adults only.)
Each dancing pair holds "an apple" - a little rubber ball - between their fore heads. The music changes from slow to energetic one. The task of the players is not to drop the ball while dancing.

26. BEING BLINDFOLDED. ( For adults only.)
With the thick mittens on the hands try to identify the person which is in front of you. The girls try to identify the youths. The youths try to identify the girls. It's permitted to touch the whole person.

27. STEAM-ENGINE. ( For adults only.)
The instructor asks 2 men and 1 woman to participate in this game. They from up in file sideways to the spectators. The instructor says:
- This is a steam-engine team. The first man is an engine driver. The woman is an engine-driver's mate (she stands between the men). The second man is a stoker. They are in the steam-engine. Usually the steam-engines keep to the following signals while shunting: at one whistle they move forwards, at two whistles - backwards, at three - stand still. The instructor rehearses with the steam-engine team.
- Now let's begin to play. I ask you to act quickly and precisely, according to the signal.
The instructor gives 2 whistles. The engine driver makes a mistake: he makes one step forwards.
- It's bad. You mustn't mistake. So you must become a stoker. This is our rule.
The instructor leads him to the end of "the steam engine". 2 other players - the engine-driver's mate and the stoker move one step forwards.
- This is a new steam-engine team. The game begins anew. On finishing the game the instructor says: with the help of this game we checked how attentive our players are. The shunting is over. The steam-engine may be come in at.

28. EVENING DRESS. ( For adults only.)
The instructor asks 2 pairs to take part in this game. He/she suggests their making the evening dress, using only newspapers, pins and scissors. The winner is chosen by the spectators.

29. SUVOROV'S VODKA. ( For adults only.)
Suggest the players to manufacture Suvorov's favorite vodka. It must be of 47o strengeth. Each participant is given a half of the glass of water. They must manufacture vodka of 47o by tasting it. The instructor checks the correctness of the strength with the help of the alcoholometer.

30. STOMACH DANCE. ( For adults only.)
All the players who wish may perform "the stomach dance". Each participant must move the wooden sticks (both ends of them are passed through the string) with the help of the stomach. The players do it to the music without using the hands. Each participant has his/her own strip of sticks. The fastest and the most artistic participant is the winner.

Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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