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Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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11. LITTLE CROCODILE. ( For adults only.)
In each team 5-6 players form up a line. Between each player in the line there is a ball. The players hold the balls with their backs and chests. They mustn't touch them with the hands. Their task is to run the distance as fast as possible.

12. PASS THE BALL. ( For adults only.)
Line up into 2 teams. In each line ladies and gentlemen take their turns. The first person in each team is given a ball to place under his/her chin. He/she must pass the ball to the next in line but neither may use his/her hands. The players can use all the parts of their bodies to pass the ball but it's forbidden to drop it. The first team to get the ball all the way to the last person is the winner.

13. HORROR FILM. ( Joking.)
On the table there are 5 eggs. The leader says that one of them is uncooked. But others are hard-boiled. The players must break the eggs against their foreheads. The player who gets an uncooked egg is considered to be the bravest. In fact all the eggs are hardboiled and the prize is given to the last player because he deliberately ran risks to become a laughing-stock.

14. TAKE A SMALL BOX. ( Joking.)
The leader suggests the player to sit on a stool and to cross his/her legs. The task is to take a small box with the teeth, not touching the floor with the hands and feet. The small box is placed upright at one of the hind legs of the stool. The players may turn on the stool as they like.

15. WITH THE HELP OF A SONG. ( Joking. )
Ask the players to recollect and write down several lines of 6 of their favorite songs. After that give them a key to solution.
1. The first song - your feeling after the first kiss;
2. The second - your memory of the first night together;
3. The third - reminder of your honey moon;
4. The fourth - in a year after the marriage;
5. The fifth - Now when we are together I think about it.
6. The sixth - in 50 years of the life together.

16. WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? ( For married couples. Questionnaire.)
Ask 3-4 married couples to take part in this game. At first ask the gentlemen to leave the room for a while. And during this time ask the lady's the following questions (one lady at a time)
1. What kind of weather was on the day of the registration of your marriage?
2. What day of the week was it?
3. What did your husband wear that day?
4. When is the birthday of your mother-in-law?
5. What is the favorite dish of your husband?
6. What is the name of your husband's chief?
7. How long does it take your husband to get to his work?
8. Name the favorite clothes of your husband.
9. Name the favorite singer, composer, writer, actor of your husband.
10. When did your husband give you the flowers last time?
Then ask the husbands to come into the room and ask them the same question. Collate the answers of the wives with their husbands' answers.

17. DUMMIES. ( While dancing.)
It's a variant of the well-know children game "Day-Night" for grownups. As the music suddenly stops the people who are dancing stand still in the pose they are. The person who cannot keep his/her balance must pay a forfeit (fulfil the leader's task).

18. LET'S INTRODUCE OURSELVES! ( Icebreakers.)
All the guests (many of them) get into 2 circles: the ladies are in the inner one, the gentlemen are in the outer one. The ladies and gentlemen are facing each other. The number of ladies is equal to the number of gentlemen. As the music plays both of the circles are moving in the opposite directions (the inner circle is moving clockwise, the outer one is moving counter-clockwise). In 20-25 seconds the music stops. The circles stop moving. There form the pairs. The ladies and the gentlemen introduce themselves to each other. The ladies introduce themselves the first. Then they let the gentlemen know of their 2 hobbies and of 2 things they don't like. Then the music plays again. The round dance moves to the next pause etc.

19. DETECTIVES. ( While dancing. Icebreakers.)
At the party some girls secretly fill in the questiomairies. In these questiomairies the girls indicate their distinctive marks: height, color of the eyes, dress cut, jewelries. The leader put all these cards into the box. In the pauses between the dances the leader asks the most attentive youths to act as Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot - to find a girl with help of the description given in the card. The youths take the cards and begin to search for the girls. The youth who finds the girl the first is the winner. Then the youths have a dance with the girls they have found.

20. CHOOSE A PAIR. ( While dancing. Icebreakers.)
The instructor holds a bundle of many-colored ribbons by its middle. The ladies come to one end of the bundle, the gentlemen to the other. Each of them takes an end of the ribbon. The instructor lets the bundle go. All the partners are now connected by the ribbons. There are the pairs for a dance.

Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12


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