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Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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111. WRITER. ( Joking.)
The players must compose a story of the newspapers headlines, suggested by the leader. The headlines are cut out of newspapers and pasted on the cards.

112. TALE-TELLER. ( Joking.)
The leader reminds the guests the plots of the well known tales and suggests their telling new versions of these tales (c.f. in style of a detective story, love story, tragedy, etc). The guests choose the winner with the help of applause.

113. FLIGHT OF FANCY. ( Joking.)
Each player pronounces any word he/she likes. The players pronounce the words in turn. The words mustn't be connected with each other.
C.f. the first player says - "eagle", the second - "boy", the third - "lace", the fourth - "snake", the fifth - "sky", the sixth - "head", the seventh - "trees", the eighth - "ground" etc.
Each player must write down all the words, pronounced by all the players. Then the players must compose a story, using these words.
The story may be as follows:
"Once an eagle was flying. Towards him was going a boy. His boot lace came untied. The eagle thought the lace to be a snake. He impetuously attacked the lace and lifted it together with the boy to the sky. The boy felt uncomfortable to fly head first. So when flying over the trees the boy slipped out of the boot and fell on a crown of a tree, slided it down and found himself on the ground. He felt sorry for his boot, but he was glad that he had a chance to fly with the eagle."
In 10 minutes each player reads his/her story aloud.

114. TELEGRAM. ( Joking.)
Write a short word on the sheet of paper. It may consist of 4, 5, 6 letters. Each player must make the text of the telegram. Each word in this telegram must begin with the next in turn letter of this word.
c.f. We make the text of the telegram out of the word FIRE.
The first word begins with the letter F - Frank
The second with I - identified
The third with R - Roger
The fourth with E - erroneously
Frank identified Roger erroneously.

115. ADJECTIVES. ( Joking.)
Several players sit in a row. The last player in the row thinks of a word (a noun) - c.f. a spade. All the rest players think of adjectives.
Then the 1st player says - glass
The 2nd - amazing
The 3rd - enigmatic etc.
And the last player pronounces his word - spade. So, altogether they say: "glass, amazing, enigmatic, beloved spade." The game is played at a rapid rate. The next word is thought of by the other player. The player who thought of the noun in the previous round, now begins to enumerate the adjectives. This game is played until all the players think of a noun.

116. PANTOMIME. ( Joking.)
There are 2 teams in this game. One team asks the riddle for the other one. The riddle is a pantomime. The team may give as many answers as there are the players in the team. The team which asks the riddle may offer only abstract notions, e.g. "youth" : all the players in the team are holding each other by the hands and looking in the sky smiling. The other team may give the following variants: happiness, inspiration, growth, childhood. About the last variant the first team may say that this variant is close to the right answer.

117. SING A SONG TO THE END. ( Joking.)
Usually 10 players participate in this game. Each of them is asked to recollect a song well-known to him/her. (The song consists of not less than 3 couplets). The task of each player is to sing his/her song to the end. While singing the player mustn't pay attention to the singing of other players, get out of time or laugh. After each player recollects the song which he/she will sing, the leader says: "Get ready! Begin!" The player who laughs or gets out of time pays the forfeit and drops out of the game. The player who manages to oversing all the others becomes the winner and gets the prize.

118. THE OLDEST COIN. ( Joking.)
You may play this game to occupy the little pause. This game is a kind of auction. Holding a souvenir in his/her hands the leader announces:
- This souvenir is for sale. It costs one coin of the least value. Have you got any? You're welcome!
The players give coins to the leader. The leader takes them, look at them attentively and says:
- I'm given a coin issued in the year of…
According to the rules, the player who has the coin issued in the earliest year gets the souvenir. Well, I'm waiting…
He/she is given another coin.
- Now I'm given a coin issued in the year of…
I return the first coin.
Our auction goes on. Who has the coin of the earliest issue?
Continue the auction until you're given the oldest coin. Every time the leader is given a coin, he/she counts - "one, two…" As the leader says "three" the auction stops. The souvenir is given to the player who has the oldest coin.

119. SONG COMPETITION. ( Joking.)
The instructor reads 3 lines of couplet or chorus of the well-known song to each pair. The task is to sing the 4-th line correctly. There are 2-3 variants of songs for each pair.

Divide up all the guests into 2 teams. Suggest their drawing a portrait of one whose birthday it is. The team which has drawn the most attractive portrait gets the prize.

Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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