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Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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How can you imagine the birthday party without the funny and witty congratulations? Bring some happiness to one whose birthday it is - compose an improvised congratulation. The guests may compose it without difficulty. Ask every guest to say an adjective. Write down all these adjectives. Then take a text of the telegram of congratulation, which needs colourful additions. Say to the guests that you're not responsible for the high artistic merit of this "work of art" and fill in the blanks in this telegram with the adjectives suggested by the guests.
Sample text of the telegram:
… John! All of us - your … friends - are very glad that you (so…) were born on this … day! Taking a … opportunity we want to make a declaration of … love and … devotion. There are no very many people so … like you. Let's hope that our … life will not separate us and every ... year on this … day we'll gather together around this … table. We wish you … health, … happiness, … years of life! Your … friends.

102. GLUTTON. ( Joking.)
Put different items of kitchen utensils (different kinds of spoons, forks, ludles) into a large box. Put some mashed potato or macaroni on the saucer for each player. The players blindly take the items from the box. At the command they begin to eat their helpings with the help of the items they've taken. The fastest eater gets the prize.

103. MATERNITY HOME. ( Joking.)
The youths act as "Fathers", the girls act as "mothers". The situation is rather simple. "The young father" is walking under the windows of the maternity home. He wants to know who is born - a boy or a girl, what's the weight of baby, what's its name, what to bring for "the mother". "The mothers" let "the fathers" know about it with the help of gestures and facial expression from the height of the 9th floor. It's windy outdoors, it's too noisy because of the plenty of the passing-by cars.
"The fathers" are given the cards with the questions:
1. Who is born?
2. What's the baby's name?
3. What's its weight?
4. What to bring next time?
"The mothers" are given the cards with the answers:
1. Boy. George. 3kilos. Book. Mirror.
2. Girl. Mary. 4.100 kg. Oranges. Nuts.
3. Boy. Girl. Twins. Peter. Maggy. 2.700 kg, 2.800 kg, Envelopes, pen.
"The mothers" must answer only with the help of the gestures and facial expression.

Only gentlemen take part in this competition. But at first they mustn't know that the best gentleman's legs will be chosen. The ladies make a special medal with the picture of 3 crossed masculine legs on it for the winner. The instructor asks the gentlemen to take part in the competition of gathering the cosmetics, thrown about the room (lipsticks, make up sets, mascaras etc.) The gentlemen should gather the cosmetics with the help of the toes. The gentleman who manages to gather the greatest number of items in the shortest period of time wins the competition. To feel more comfortable while gathering the cosmetics the gentlemen must turn up their trouser-legs as high as possible. When all the cosmetics is gathered, the instructor announces that the gentlemen have taken part in the competition "the best gentleman's legs". The jury, which consists of the ladies, chooses the best gentleman's legs and hands in the medal.

105. SNAKES' DANCE. ( Joking.)
Say to all the present that you are going to act as a snake tamer and that you are going to show "the snakes' dance" to all the present. Fill the vessel with any mixture. Then begin to spill any liquid on this mixture. (While spilling pretend that you do it very carefully.) Ask all the present to go away from the vessel and wait when "the snake" appears. As a rule, in every company there are some sceptics, who don't believe in it and would say that they have seen such things at the chemistry lessons at school. On the pretext of that you need much noise for "the snake" to appear, ask 2-3 persons to come to you. Ask them to stand in front of all the other guests. Ask them to clap the hands, to stamp their feet, to cry etc. After all these things have been done the snake still doesn't appear. Then ask your guests pardon and say that instead of "snakes' dance" all of them have seen "the dance of tamed monkeys".

106. REVELATIONS. ( Joking.)
The players are to answer the leader's questions, not seeing the inscriptions on the cards, placed behind them. The inscriptions may be the following: for men-"Maternity home", "Bath-house", "Sobering-up station" etc. for women-"Black eye", "Torn stocking" etc.
The questions for men: "Do you often visit this place?" "What things do you take when going there?" "What do you usually do in this place?" "Why does this place attract you?" "Whom do you usually invite when going to this place?"
The questions for women: "Do you often find yourself in such situation?" "Do you often look in such way?" "Why does this state attract you?" "What happened?" "Why do you look like this?" etc. The lack of correspondence usually causes much fun and laughter.

107. MISS WORLD. ( Joking.)
The instructor names different items of cosmetics. The lady try to find these items in their purses. The ladies raise these items above the heads. The lady who has not the named item in her purse is out of the game. The ladies who has all the items named by the instructor is given a prize and a title of Miss World. Samples of the items: a lipstick, a mirror, mascara, eye-shadows, cheek-color, eye-liner etc.

108. COMPOSITION. ( Joking.)
Each player is given a pencil and a long stripe of paper, where he/she writes the name of any present person. Then the paper should be folded (so as the name cannot be seen) and passed to the player to his/her right. He/she describes anyone's appearance and passes the paper further. In the same way may be asked the following questions: - what kind of character? - What did he/she do? - When? - Where? - What were the consequences? Of course, nobody should know what is written before, while answering. As each paper passed around the circle, one person reads aloud what is written on these stripes of paper. Usually it causes much laughter, because there is a lot of absurdity.

109. TAKE A PRIZE. ( Joking.)
Put 3 plates on the table. Put a prize in the middle plate. Pour some water in the others. The player is blindfolded. He/she turns around for several times, makes some steps and takes the prize from the plate.

110. SKILLED HAND. ( Joking.)
Each gentleman takes a newspaper by its corner with the left hand. At the command the gentlemen must crumple the newspapers with one hand only. The gentleman who copes with the task the first is the winner.

Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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