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Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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91. SWEET TOOTH. ( Joking.)
This game is enjoyed by the grown-ups as well as by the children. On the table there are some plates with the little pies and cakes (it's desirable that they should be with chocolate and cream). Around the table there must be enough space for the participants to move. The number of the participants depends on the size of the table and the amount of sweet things. The number of plates is equal to the number of the participants. The participants have their hands tied together behind the backs. As the music plays the participants come to the nearest to them plate and start eating the cakes. As the hands are tied together it's very difficult to eat the cakes - they slide off the plates. That's why the instructor should let the participants know about all the details of the game beforehand. The first round finishes when one of the participants has eaten the whole piece of cake or a pie. The participant on whose plate there remains the largest piece of cake is out of the game. In the next round there are less by one participants. On the plates there are new pieces of cake or pies. They are larger than the pieces in the previous round. The game repeats anew. The game goes on until the participants refuse to eat sweet things (because they have eaten an enormous amount of them) or until there is only one participant in the game. He/she is the winner. He/she is given a ribbon with the inscription "Invincible glutton" and a sweet prize (a large cake). The matter is that the winner feels sick at seeing sweet things. The instructor may suggest playing one more round. But this suggestion usually causes impetuous protest of the participants. The more chocolate and cream is there on the cakes - the brighter is the game. The participants usually make themselves dirty with it. The game may be funnier if the participants are blindfolded, but have their hands free. After this game you may serve cakes and pies for other guests. The participants of this game don't want to eat sweet things. They want only to drink tea.

92. ZOO. ( Joking.)
All the players get into a circle. The players take each other by the arms. The leader explains the rules of the game: "To each player I say the name of the animal. Then I say one of the names aloud. The player to whom this name was said at the beginning of the game tries to jump up and break the chain of the arms. The task of the players next to him/her is to prevent his/her jumping up". In fact the leader says one and the same name of the animal to all the players. When this name is pronounced aloud all the players fall down.

93. NUMBER ON THE BELT. ( Joking.)
You take your belt off and address all the present: "On this belt is written the number. The figure is rather big. Even the short - sighted person is able to see it. But it's not easy to find this number. For this you need not only your attention, but also sharpness. Who wants to find the number on the belt?" The spectators would examine the belt carefully. But the number will be seen only if somebody guesses what's the secret of your trick. The secret is rather simple. Get ready this trick beforehand: roll up the belt so that the buckle of it is inside the first coil. On the spiral write a simple or a two-digit number with the light yellow pencil. Unroll the belt - the number is disappeared. The number may be found if you roll up the belt again.

94. HEAVY BUCKET. ( Joking.)
Put a bucket full of water at the wall. Say that only a very strong man can lift it. One who wishes to lift the bucket stands at the distance of half a step from it. Ask this person to take the handle of the bucket with the hands and lean the head against the wall. Then ask him to lift the bucket and, holding it with the hands, draw himself up. Despite all the attempts this person will not be able to do any of these tasks. He will remain as though clued to the wall.

95. BELIEVE OR NOT. ( Joking.)
Say to all the present that you can make any person to stand in such a way that he/she can't raise his/her foot. One who wants to disprove it should stand near the wall touching it by the heels. It'd be better if there were no plinth on the wall. If there are no wall without the plinth in the room you may use a door. Mind that the person mustn't swing. Under this condition all the attempts to raise the foot will fail. In this position nobody can raise the foot without transfer of the weight of the body to the other foot.

96. BEWITCHED NUMBER. ( Joking.)
"I need a mathematician to be my assistant", - says the instructor, - "his/her task is very simple: I shall enumerate different numbers. My assistant's task is to name the numbers more by one than the numbers I name. c.f. If I say "eight", the assistant must say "nine". If I say "thirty - two" the assistant must say "thirty three" etc. Who can "cope with this task?" The instructor names the increasing numbers. The numbers increase by tens and hundreds. Every time the assistant confidently names the numbers more by one. The counting continues until the instructor names number "4099". At this number the assistant will make a mistake. Instead of "4100" he/she will say "5000".

97. TRY TO FULFIL. ( Joking.)
Put your hands to the chest - one is higher than the other. Try to make circular motions with the both hands simultaneously: one hand is moving forwards, the other is moving backwards.
Sit on a chair, holding your back straight. Put your legs at an angle. Try to stand up with your back erect (do not move it forwards).
"I'll ask you a very easy riddle, - says the instructor, - you must answer it at once and precisely. If you give a correct answer you'll get a prize.
It has four paws, a tail,
It mews and catches mice.
It's a cat!
It sounds like this. But you're not quite right. It's a pussy-cat (a tom-cat)
Can you see a little piece of thread on my lapel? Asks the instructor. How much time do you need to take this thread away?
Not more than 2-3 seconds.
If you succeed in it you'll get the prize.
Nobody expected that the thread would stretch and stretch. In the inside pocket of the jacket there was a whole bobbin of thread. The end of which was put on the lapel.

98. GAME-JOKE. ( Joking.)
Suggest 2 players doing the following thing. At first they kneel down and take their right legs with right hands (to raise them lightly from the floor). In their left hands they hold mugs. Fill one of the mugs with water. The task is to pour water from one mug to another, trying not to spill it. Then the players change their roles.

99. FRECKLES. ( Joking.)
The player bows down the plate with the cooked semolina. The instructor strikes with the spoon against the plate. The player who has the greatest number of "freckles" is the winner.

100. PALE FACE. ( Joking.)
There are some candies in the basin with flour. The players must take them with the mouth (without using the hands).

Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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