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Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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1. THE MOST FAVORITE. ( For adults only.)
The player who manages in a fixed time to get as many kisses as possible is "the most favorite". The kisses are counted by the signs of lipsticks left on the players.

2. REAL MAN. ( For adults only.)
A player who manages to tie a kerchief on the lady's neck using only one of his hands may be called "the real man".

3. ROLL A BALL. ( For adults only.)
Usually several pairs take part in this game. Each pair is given 2 ping-pong balls. The gentleman must roll the ball from one sleeve of the lady's dress to the other. The lady rolls the ball through the gentleman's trouser-legs (from one trouser-leg to another).

4. PUTTING OF AN EGG. ( For adults only.)
In each pair the partners stand with their backs to each other. They have an egg between their backs (or a little bit lower). The object is to put an egg on the ground, so as not to break it. The pair which succeeds in it wins the game. Instead the egg you may a small rubber ball. In this case the object of the game is to put the ball on the ground so as it doesn't roll.

5. LIFT A BALL TO A CHIN. ( For adults only.)
In each pair the partners (the lady and the gentleman) stand facing each other. They hold a small rubber ball between their bellies. The object is to roll this ball to a chin of the shorter partner by rotatory movements.

6. RESOURCEFUL QUESTS. ( For adults only.)
Several pairs take part in this game. Each player is blindfolded. Then the leader puts some clothes-pegs on different parts of the players' clothes. At the leader's command the players must take the clothes-pegs off the partner's clothes. The pair which copes with the task the first wins the game.

7. WHERE TO INVEST? ( For adults only.)
The instructor asks 2 pairs to participate in this game (in each pair there is a lady and a gentleman). 'Try to open the network of banks as soon as possible. You deposit only one banknote in each bank. Receive your entrance fee! (the instructor gives the money candy covers to each pair). You may use pockets, lapels and other secluded places for the banks. Try to register your deposits and open the greatest number of banks as soon as possible. Now get ready, begin! The instructor helps the pairs to fulfil the task. In a minute the instructor sums up: How many banknotes do you have? And you? Great! All the money is profitably invested. Good! And now I ask the ladies to change the partners. Your task is to take all the money away from the banks. Get ready. Begin! (The music is playing. The ladies are looking for the money at their rivals' partners).

8. ALCOHOLOMETER. ( For adults only.)
When you're in the close company suggest 2 slightly tight men to get to know who of them is tighter. Give a felt-tip-pen to each of the players. Put "a scale" with the grades 20o, 30o, 40o etc behind them. The scale is drawn on the large piece of thick paper. The object is to mark the grades on the scale. To do it the participants must bend down and pass their arms between the legs. Of course, the participants want to seem sober. That's why they try to reach the least number.

9. THE WORST TIPPLER. ( For adults only.)
One of the philosophers said: "Do not drink more than your head can bear". We shall not drink but we shall measure the size of the head of each player so as to find the player of the greatest endurance.

10. MERRY TAILOR. ( For adults only.)
Line up into 2 teams. In each line men and women take their turns. In each line the players choose a tailor. The tailor takes a wooden stick ("a needle") with the thick thread in it (you'd better wind the thread into a ball). At the command the tailors begin "to sew". The tailor "sews" the gentlemen's trouser-legs (passes the thread from one leg to another) and lady's sleeves (passes the thread from one sleeve to another). The tailor who "sews" all his team the first wins the game.

Party Games Collection #2 ( 120 adult party games )
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